Alina – gereserveerd

Naam: Alina

Kleur: Grijs

Geboortedatum:  mei 2018

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Name: Alina
Gender: female
Colour: grey ginger
Date of birth: May 2018
Vaccinated, sterilized, tested negative.

Basic characteristics:
Very sociable with people cats nd horses, she likes to be around us and loves to be petted. Purring and affectionate, tender and a lovely human-oriented companion!
She loves hugs and kisses! Who will be the lucky to become Alma’s family?

We met Alina during the extreme weather conditions in Athens, it was full of snow everywhere, windy and cold. Alina appeared in a feeding spot with horses, where other cats find shelter. She had a respiratory infection. She was very friendly and cuddly from the first moment and of course we took her to the vet.
After 10 days antibiotics she felt much better and was grateful for her new shelter place.