Alice *reserved*

Naam: Alice

Kleur:  Lapjeskat (bruin/grijs/wit)

Geboortedatum: Juli 2021

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


During a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program in an area full of strays in Athens surroundings, Alice met a volunteer. Alice was so happy to see a friendly human that she immediately run towards her to receive cuddles and attention first and then food. She was only 5 months old at that time and neutering operation showed that she was at a very early stage of pregnancy. She was too young and too small to survive giving birth.

Alice is a charming kitten full of love and tenderness, very happy to have a foster home and friends around her. She needs her own family to share her easygoing and joyful character. She is a real darling and can be adopted alone or with pet friends.
She is rather small size, she loves petting, cuddling, play and sleeping tight without the fear of the stray life anymore.
She just loves to be indoors.

You can find a video of her via

She is vaccinated and neutered.
Born July 2021.