Naam: Lena

Kleur: Tabby/ grijs/wit/zwart/rood

Geboortedatum: Maart 2021

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


Lena was fostered after neutering for recovery in th ehome of a volunteer. During that time a tiny orphan kitten that needed milk came into foster care. Lena claimed to take care fo the lucky kitten that blossomed with her care and love. This kitten is Dafne.
Lena is so affectionate and caring towards Dafne that it woudl be ideal if they can find ahome together. And Dafne loves her deeply as well.
Lena is a very calm and friendly cat, sociable with everyone around her, cats, dogs, people.
She has a gentle and sweet character and loves to be with people.
Vaccinated, neutered.
Born March 2021